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Data Mining is largely used in several applications such as understanding consumer research marketing, product analysis, demand and supply analysis, e-commerce, investment trend in stocks & real estates, telecommunications and so on. Data Mining is based on mathematical algorithm and analytical skills to drive the desired results from the huge database collection.

Data Mining applications are widely used in direct marketing, health industry, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), FMCG industry, telecommunication industry and financial sector. Data mining is available in various forms like text mining, web mining, audio & video data mining, pictorial data mining, relational databases, and social networks data mining.

Learning Data Mining and practicing it can be very helpful for one’s career as it has various use in daily life. It has huge demand in upcoming job market as we know somewhere called “Data Mining is the seixiest job of 21st Century”

Learning Objectives : As we know Data Science & Data Mining has huge demand in future world but there are very few company in Bangladesh who teach Data Mining. Our ultimate goal to spread data mining knowledge to the learners.

Course Index:

We will try to cover up the course with beginning step to real problem solving approach of data mining.The Video series will be included as:
1. Intro to Data Mining : What is data mining is?
2. Why we need data Mining ?
3. What can data mining do?
4. Real life application of data mining?
5. Introduction to data mining tools?
6. Data mining tools installation on your PC
7. Introduction to Database and Datawarehouse
8. Data Mining Steps to finding usable pattern
9. Data Preprocessing
10. Understanding different types of data
11. Learning different Data Mining algorithm
12. Starting first data mining project
13. Read and process data
14. Pattern recognition and Data Visualization
15. Generate A final report
16. Discussion about the course.

After Completing this tutorial you will be able to understand how to use different data mining tools and techniques to predict or solve real life event.

Reference Books : Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques
Author : Jiawei Han
Language Used : Python Language

Instructor : Rafayet Hossain
IBM Certified Data Analyst
B.Sc in CSE

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