C Programming Bangla video tutorial

Bangla C programming tutorial for beginner to advance. Bookbd Series made series of tutorial to learn C programming in easy way for beginner. Most of the learner think that programming is hard but we find out a easy method to learn programming in easy way. In this tutorial we gave bangla lecture for easy understanding of language. For Free video tutorial visit now. C programming Bangla tutorial. In the following showing few of the video but for all videos visit bookbd series playlist C programming Bangla Video tutorial-সি পোগ্রামিং C programming book of Bookbd is available in the any library published from gynkosh prokashoni.

We completed the following topics for the Tutorial:
C Programming Tutorial Content

1. Modern life and Technology
1.1. Revolution & Step into new World
1.1.1. Short history note of Technology
1.1.2. Introduce different applications used in daily life [FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype etc.]
1.1.3. Introduce different applications used in daily work [ Small software to large System]
1.1.4. Speech of famous persons [Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc.]
Video Name: L1V1_Modern life and Technology_ Revolution & Step into new World-C01
2. Introduction to Programming
2.1. What and why
2.1.1. What is Programming?
2.1.2. Why of Programming
2.1.3. Backbone of Technology
2.1.4. Most Used Programming Language Names [Java, C, C++, Python, Dot Net, HTML, PHP]
Video Name: L1V2_Introduction to Programming _ What and Why-C01

2.2. Why C Programming [C Programming language]
2.2.1. History of C
2.2.2. Why C Programming
2.2.3. ABC of all Programming Language
2.2.4. Simple C code

Video Name: L1V3_Introduction to Programming _ Why C Programming -C01

3. Environment Setup for C
3.1. Compiler
3.1.1. What is Compiler?
3.1.2. Use of Compiler
3.1.3. Different Compiler for C
Video Name: L1V4_Environment Setup for C_ Compiler-C01

3.2. Code blocks
3.2.1. What is Code Blocks?
3.2.2. How to get it?
3.2.3. Installing Code Blocks
3.2.4. Describe different function/part of Code Blocks
Video Name: L1V5_ Environment Setup for C_ Code Blocks-C01

4. My First C Programming
4.1. Write and Run code
4.1.1. Open a new file
4.1.2. How to write code
4.1.3. Describe different part of code[with basic Function]
4.1.4. Compile the code
4.1.5. Run the code
4.1.6. Discuss the output Screen
Video Name: L1V6_My First C Programming_ Write & Run Code-C01

5. Variable and Data Types
5.1. Data and Data Types
5.1.1. What is Data type?
5.1.2. Data types of C
5.1.3. Integer, Float, Character, String,
5.1.4. Short Form of Each Data Type
Video Name: L1V7_Variable and Data Types_ Data & Data Types-C01

5.2. Variable
5.2.1. What is Variable?
5.2.2. Why Variable?
5.2.3. Variable declaration
5.2.4. How to write Variable { describe rules in short}
5.2.5. Value initialize
Video Name: L1V8_ Variable and Data Types_ Variable -C01

6. Data Input and Output
6.1. Show value of variable
6.1.1. Assign Data in Variable
6.1.2. Describe its part
6.1.3. How to Print Data From Variable
6.1.4. Formatted output
Video Name: L1V9_Data Input and Output_ Show value of Variable-C01

6.2. Take value from the Keyboard
6.2.1. Scanf() Function
6.2.2. Assign input in variable
6.2.3. Describe “How to print”
Video Name: L1V10_ Data Input and Output_ Take value from Keyboard-C01

7. Operators and Expressions
7.1. Arithmetic Operators and Relational Operators
7.1.1. Addition Operator “+”
7.1.2. Minus Operator “-”
7.1.3. Multiplication Operator “*”
7.1.4. Division Operator “/”
7.1.5. Modulus Operator “%”
7.1.6. “<”, “<=” “>”, “>=”, “==”, “!=”, “” “”
Video Name: L1V11_Operators and Expressions_ Arithmetic & Relational Operation -C01

7.2. Logical Operators and Assignment Operators
7.2.1. NOT Operator “!”
7.2.2. Logical AND Operator “&&”
7.2.3. Logical OR Operator “||”
7.2.4. Assignment Operator “=”
7.2.5. Increment Operator “++”
7.2.6. Decrement Operator “–”
Video Name: L1V12_Operators and Expressions_ Logical & Assignment Operators -C01

8. Equation Solving
8.1. Mathematic problem
8.1.1. Math problem with different operators
Video Name: L1V13_Equation Solving_ Mathematic Problem-C01

9. Control Statement
9.1. Conditional Statement: IF
9.1.1. “If” Statement
Video Name: L1V14_Control Statement_ Conditional Statement: If -C01

9.2. Conditional Statement: If….. else
9.2.1. “If…else” Statement
Video Name: L1V15_Control Statement_ Conditional Statement: If…. else -C01

9.3. Conditional Statement: Nested If
9.3.1. Nested If Statement
Video Name: L1V16_Control Statement_ Conditional Statement: Nested If -C01

9.4. Multiple Conditions : && ||
9.4.1. Use of && and || operators
Video Name: L1V17_Control Statement_ Conditional Statement: Multiple Conditions -C01
9.5. Conditional Statement
9.5.1. “Switch” Statement
Video Name: L1V18_Control Statement_ Conditional Statement: Switch -C01

9.6. Decision Making Loop: For Loop
9.6.1. “For” Loop
Video Name: L1V19_Control Statement_ Decision Making: For Loop -C01

9.7. Decision Making: While Loop
9.7.1. “While” Loop
Video Name: L1V20_Control Statement_ Decision Making: While Loop -C01

9.8. Decision Making: Do…..while
9.8.1. “Do …..while” Loop
Video Name: L1V21_Control Statement_ Decision Making: Do….while -C01
9.9. Break and continue
9.9.1. Break statement
9.9.2. Continue statement
Video Name: L1V22_Control Statement_ Break & Continue-C01

10. Different “Token” of C
10.1. Keywords, Identifiers, Constant
10.1.1. Introduced some Keywords
10.1.2. Describe Identifiers
10.1.3. Describe Constant [String Constant]
Video Name: L1V23_Token_Keywords, Identifiers, Constant-C01

11. Error Solving and Debugging Techniques
11.1. How To solve Error From Code
Video Name: L1V24_Error Solving and Debugging Techniques_ How to solve error-C01

12. Array
12.1. Introduction
12.1.1. What Is Array
12.1.2. Use of Array
12.1.3. Syntax of Array
12.1.4. Initialization of Array
Video Name: L1V25_Array_ Introduction-C01

12.2. Code analysis and use of Loop
12.2.1. Saving Data
12.2.2. Program Analysis
12.2.3. Discussions
Video Name: L1V26_Array_ Code analysis & Use of Loop-C01

12.3. Code analysis and 2d array

12.3.1. Discuss 2-d Array
12.3.2. Program Analysis
Video Name: L1V27_Array_ Code analysis & 2d array-C01

13. String
13.1. Discuss String
13.1.1. What is String in C
13.1.2. How to make String Variable
13.1.3. How to save Data in String
13.1.4. How to take User Data in String
13.1.5. String Input and Output
Video Name: L1V28_String_Discuss String-C01

14. Constant
14.1. Introduce Constant
14.1.1. What is Constant
14.1.2. How to input Constant Data
Video Name: L1V29_Constant_Introduction to Constant-C01

15. Problem Analysis
15.1. Problem Discussion
15.1.1. Break out problems
15.1.2. Part by part analysis

Video Name: L1V30_Problem Analysis_ Problem Discussion-C01

16. Function
16.1. Functions of C
16.1.1. What is Function?
16.1.2. Library function and User define function
16.1.3. Function definition [header, function name, arguments, return data]
Video Name: L1V31_Function_ Function of C-C01

16.2. Calling function, Parameter
16.2.1. Syntax
16.2.2. Define function with parameter
16.2.3. Function Calling
16.2.4. Function Data Sending and Catching
Video Name: L1V32_Function_ Calling function, Parameter-C01
17. Pointer
17.1. Introduction of Pointer
17.1.1. What is Pointer
17.1.2. Pointer Variable & its declare
17.1.3. Use of Pointer
Video Name: L1V33_Pointer_Introduction of Pointer-C01
18. File Handling
18.1. Data File
18.1.1. Create a file
18.1.2. Open, Read/Write/append a file
18.1.3. How to save File in Storage
18.1.4. Close a file
Video Name: L1V34_File Handling_ Data File-C01
19. Problem Solving
19.1. Problem Solving
19.1.1. Try to solve those problem, analysis before
Video Name: L1V35_Problem solving_ Problem Solving-C01

20. Carrier in Programming
20.1. Carrier & programing
20.1.1. Discussion About Carrier in Programming
20.1.2. Advise about Future Study
20.1.3. Programming Contest
Video Name: L1V36_Carrier in Programming_ Carrier &Programming -C01
21. Project
21.1. Few projects on C
22. Code
22.1. All files of code example showed in video

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